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I enjoy all things life has to offer, whether it be music, cars, or even photography in general. And this tumblr reflects that. I am especially fond of directed energy.

Luxembourger, Netherlander, Polish
Serb, Japanese, Protoss, and Chinese blood.

If I'm following you, it's because we share some of the same interests. That being said, feel free to follow back :D!

Want to learn more? Go ahead and ask.


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The entire theme is made from scratch for me by my friend using AICS5, PSCS5, & her Nikon D7000.

    11:07 am 16.10.11

  1. What did you get?

    What did you get?

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      Outspoken, sweet, dramatic, witty
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      Lovely patient passionate peaceful… Ummmm…. Most people who know me would disagree I think
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      Peaceful,lovely,witty,loyal c:
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      Restless, talented and reserved I would consider this a compliment :)
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      Word search poster ideas. I may have jumped the gun researching word searches a bit early on in the assignment here, but...
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      cuasec, bogover, and spoken definitely my personality
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      Honest, elegant, peaceful and dependent.
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      Well uh, the first word I saw was ‘Prey’