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I enjoy all things life has to offer, whether it be music, cars, or even photography in general. And this tumblr reflects that. I am especially fond of directed energy.

Luxembourger, Netherlander, Polish
Serb, Japanese, Protoss, and Chinese blood.

If I'm following you, it's because we share some of the same interests. That being said, feel free to follow back :D!

Want to learn more? Go ahead and ask.


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The entire theme is made from scratch for me by my friend using AICS5, PSCS5, & her Nikon D7000.

    12:22 pm 08.02.14

  1. Philosophy you so crazy

    Philosophy you so crazy

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    12:17 pm 08.02.14

    Hai! I just remembered you from so long ago you probably don't remember me since well we talked like only twice almost a year ago. I just wanted to ask if you ever got your dream of going to Japan? :)

    Hi, I still have yet to get across that ocean.. Soon though. I’m working on it ;) thanks for asking!

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    4:22 am 09.12.13

  3. Vegas


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    2:11 am 09.12.13

  5. pilot selfie

    pilot selfie

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    9:49 pm 08.12.13

  7. KeyTar solo @edc 2013

    KeyTar solo @edc 2013

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